Enough resources

In our semi-dedicated hosting plans we have allocated much more resources (CPU, RAM, etc) than our competitors, so you do not need a VPS anymore.

Enterprise Hardware

All of our servers are Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen and all Hard Disks are Enterprise or DC edition.

Advanced Network

Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges. So your internet presence will benefit from speedy load times and top performance.

Remote Backups

No matter which service you choose, we offer multiple backup solutions.

Fast and Personalized Support

Our average response time is 45 minutes. Feel free to test our response time and our ability to resolve any ticket you open.

Green Hosting

Our servers in Germany and Finland use green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly hydropower and wind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the huge sites or heavy traffic sites need a VPS for allocated resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk I/O, etc. But having a VPS means that you have to pay extra for the cPanel license along with the management of your VPS server. That makes the cost too high for a single site or a couple of sites that you may have.

Our semi-dedicated plans are in fact shared hosting with VERY high dedicated resources that you can rarely find in simple shared hosting plans. And they also include the cpanel, the management, the multiple backups, domain, and much more!

Our Headquarter Post Address is: 530-B Harkle Road, STE 100, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA.

Our in-house support team is from America, European Union and Asia, to be able to cover all shifts and timezones and thus offering true 24h support.

Our servers are located in Germany, in Finland and in USA, Arizona, Phoenix.

Yes within the first 30 days after registration.

Not valid for dedicated servers and for domains.

We accept payments through PayPal and Credit Card Payments (Stripe Gateway).

In very rare cases, we can also accept bank transfers (Germany Bank Account).

Germany IP:

Finland IP:


10 GB file in Germany

1 GB file in USA

No not yet! We have chosen to resell servers from the best DCs around the globe.

Our European servers are from Hetzner with a state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly infrastructure. Their three data center parks in Nuremberg, Germany; Falkenstein/Vogtland, Germany; and Helsinki, Finland; provide multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges. So your internet presence will benefit from speedy loadtimes and top performance.

Our US servers are from I/O Flood located in their state of the art secured datacenter in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix, AZ is an excellent place to connect to the internet, being a central hub for carriers to interconnect. Located between Los Angeles, California and Dallas, TX, Phoenix offers low latency redundant paths to both the US West Coast and the US East Coast. Phoenix, AZ is located in the Southwestern United States, in a region that is free from natural disasters. This allows our Phoenix location to give you the benefit of low latency connectivity to Asia Pacific and the Western United States, without the risk of earthquakes and other disasters you would face if you hosted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle.

No need for managed VPS

Our semi-dedicated hosting plans include the cpanel license, the management and support you may need, and the same resources with a VPS. So you get what you need at an unbeatable price!

  • Optimized for large WordPress and Joomla sites.
  • Perfect for large corporate or e-commerce sites.
  • cPanel, Softaculous, SSL and remote backups included.

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